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How to create a search campaign

To create a search campaign, click the Campaigns tab from the sidebar and the Create Campaign button. 

Choose the number of visitors you want per day. Select the Search Traffic campaign on the next screen and click Next. 

On this new screen, you have to 

  • Give your campaign a title. 
  • Choose how long you want your Campaign to Run. 
  • Select the target location, visitor interest, and web pages you want your visitors to visit. 
  • Choose the locations you want to target with your campaign.
  • Choose the visitor interest you wish to target. 
  • Choose the search engines you wish to target
  • Finally, you must enter the target pages you want your visitors to visit with the search keywords. For search, Click the Add Page button to add a new page.

You can click the add page button to add a new page, and ensure to add keywords for all your URLs.

Once you’ve entered all the required information, click on the Publish Campaign button, and your campaign will be created. 

Webnack will process your campaign after a few minutes and will be live.