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Will Google Analytics pick up the visitors sent to my site?

Absolutely. The data on your dashboard shows all of the visitors to your site. Our traffic is directed through our internal servers and redirected to your site, which should be reflected in your Google Analytics dashboard in most cases. However, we have observed that some ads may have a log rate that fluctuates between 80% and 100% in Google Analytics. This percentage can vary based on factors such as campaign size and duration, as well as location. Other visitor tracking software such as cPanel, AWStats,, and Piwik will also display your visitors. If you have a cPanel-enabled host, you can log in and view your traffic numbers directly. If you encounter any issues with your traffic not appearing correctly in Google Analytics, please reach out to our support team, and we will work to improve the percentage. We suggest ordering a little extra traffic if Google Analytics logging is critical to your requirements, as Google may filter out certain visitors, such as those with browser plugins that block Google Analytics, visitors with disabled JavaScript, or search engine spiders.